gubment services

Funny – after my post last week mentioning that we hadn’t gotten mail for the past few Saturdays, I suddenly received mail this Saturday like it was business as usual. Uh huh. Maybe they had to deliver on Saturday since today is a holiday.  Keeping my eye on you, USPS.

Via Americablog, here’s a sketch from Dr. House and some other dude about the privatization of the police force. Americablog shared this in response to the situation in rural Tennessee where you have to pay to have firefighting service. A guy didn’t pay the $75 annual fee, and when his house caught fire the fire department watched it burn down (with three dogs and a cat inside) because he “wasn’t on the list.” The firefighters (fire watchers?) were there in case the property of one of the guy’s neighbors (who had paid the fee) caught fire. The guy lost his house, his grandkids lost their pets and able-bodied firefighters stood nearby and watched. What a sad state of affairs.

In other news, here’s a funny post from Hyperbole and a Half about dealing with awkward social situations. Wonder if I should write in and share my “Uh, sorry. I have to go. Explosive diarrhea.” excuse. Works like a charm. Regardless of your station in life, whether you’re man, woman or child, you have, at some point, had explosive diarrhea. If you say you haven’t, you’re either lying or you have some memory loss you might want to get checked out.

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