working on the weekend


this sums up my weekend


Dennis came over this afternoon, and we worked on our application for grant support of the next Six Of One Productions show. I spent the entire day and well into the night Saturday trying to write the damn voice-over for our three-minute video work sample, which we were supposed to record today, and it was more painful/difficult than writing a play. I wrote pages and pages of bullshit, but none of it was right. Dennis came over today to help me, and even with the two of us working on it, it took another four or five hours. Ye gads. The good news is, we finished the script. Now we have to record the voice-overs, and I have to create the visual to accompany it. That part will be a lot easier. I use a Mac. If we don’t get this grant (it’s no given – this is a pretty competitive program), we may try our hand at Kickstarter.

It’s Sunday night, and I feel like I was working on grants all weekend. Oh, wait…


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