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– Yes, we have a fight stupidization tee shirt! There is only one so far. I wanted to wear it first to make sure the words don’t go too far across the chest and are legible. I opted to do gray instead of black since gray tee shirts age better than black but fulfill a similar role in the wardrobe (not being white or a bright color and going with pretty much anything). I think I’ll probably have black and gray printed up for the first big run of shirts and will add white next summer. We’ll have a few to give away at Cultured Cocktails on December 2nd and will start selling them on the website later that month. Of course you’ll know about that as soon as it happens because I’ll write about it here.

– I follow Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy) on twitter. He recently mentioned Neil DeGrasse Tyson and referred to him as a “great drinking buddy.” I can’t imagine having happy hour with those two. My brain would explode with the awesomeness. (Side note about reading MacFarlane’s tweets – I hear and picture Brian (the dog on Family Guy) when I read them.) (Side note about Neil DeGrasse Tyson – I got to meet him in 2008 when he came to Houston for a HoustonPBS Elevate lecture, and of course something funny happened. I can’t believe I didn’t write about it in my blog, but I just checked and couldn’t find anything. So I’ll share that story soon in its own post.)

– I’m on a listserve for playwrights around the country to share production opportunities. Many of us have been on the list for a number of years, and we’ve started getting to know one another. Most of the “knowing” is limited to “that guy lives in Atlanta” or “that chick writes kids’ plays.” There’s this one guy – he always comes across as a really nice, kind-hearted person – who occasionally posts more information than necessary. In any situation. Ever. His most recent contribution:

All of you have heard of the Cat of Nine Tails. That’s a kind of flogger. One of my S/M specialties is flogging a naked guy shackled to a St. Andrews cross until his back is full of welts and most often bloody. I’ve got a dozen floggers from very soft doe hide to very rough wildebeest. In there is also a braided cat and a flogger with rubber tendrils that really cuts. It’s an art and obsession.

[crickets…] As you can imagine, no one responded (at least not publicly). This was totally out of the blue. I mean, we weren’t discussing S&M. Or cats. Or hobbies…or even M&Ms…

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