you can do better than me

I haven’t poked any fun at Christine O’Donnell because she does a helluva job of that herself.  (By the way, Christine:  If God meant for people not to touch themselves, our arms would be short like the T. Rex.  And we would be so, so angry.)  When I saw her campaign video this morning, the one in which she tells the camera that she’s just like me, I felt compelled to comment.

This movement lately where politicians sell the concept that they’re just a regular Joe the Plumber, a regular Crystal the Sarcastic, doesn’t work for me.  I don’t want someone just like me running the country.  I want someone smarter.  More experienced.  Better able to pay attention to intricate, ever-changing details.  Not perfect.  But better.  They should be educated (real degrees, not University of Phoenix) and experienced leaders who understand how to make tough decisions and follow through on promises to their constituents, paying attention to the micro while keeping an eye always fixed on the macro.

If you don’t agree that an average Joe is not the way to go, just look around the table at your next staff meeting.  Picture one of those people suddenly becoming President.  I rest my case.

now you know why they were so angry

In other news, Paula Deen is going to market a line of fresh vegetables.  Chew on that.

4 responses to “you can do better than me”

  1. I want all these regular joe/just like you & me politicians to put their money where their mouths are. The next time they need a root canal, I see no reason for them to go to some fancy-pants who wasted time getting a DDS. I have a few chisels, pry bars, and other assorted tools that are probably small enough to get down under a tooth to pop it out. And why do we waste money on an army? We might as well just arm everyone (or the 5% of us who aren’t already armed) and tell the rest of the world to bring it on.

  2. Hmmm….who do I want running my country? The Harvard professor of constitutional law, or Jason the guy who dry-walled my garage, but also happened to take a couple community college sociology courses? I’m sure they would both do a comparable job, right?

  3. Joe the plumber. Ack! Just when I was beginning to forget that nincompoop.

    The search for the mediocre — actually, the search for the lowly — is more than anti-intellectual, it’s stupid. Worse, it’s too stupid to know how stupid it is.

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