Friday (short) list

– In an email exchange with a tech person about something…technical, the tech person offered to draw me a picture of what we were discussing. You know, to help me understand. So I drew him a picture of me, shooting the finger. Not really. That would have been funny, though. I’m sure he was trying to be helpful, so I let it go.

– In a conversation with my little brother, I realized that I may, in fact, be a hipster. Sure, I’m too old, too thick and too employed to be a full-on hipster. But…I have a theatre company. I keep a blog in which I share my musings on life. I long to move to northern California to live near the coast and take occasional trips to San Francisco so I can shop at City Lights. That desire is equally balanced by a wish to  move into a yurt or build a straw bale house and start making my own soap, which I would give an ironic name and sell over the internet and at craft fairs. I don’t allow myself to tan and remain an amazingly pale color even in the middle of summer in a sub-tropical climate. I’m trying to grow food. Most of my friends are artists. I use Apple products. My right eyebrow is permanently raised. I live in a house with a record player and 500 or more albums (it really does sound better).  I have a liberal arts degree and a liberal voting record…Thank God I’m generation X not Y, I don’t have any tattoos, my glasses are small and I don’t dress fashionably. Otherwise, I’d be screwed.
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