Mondays, zombies, drama nerds

Case of the Mondays.
This weather makes me want to run barefoot through the grass, waving my arms above my head and laughing like a fool. Instead, I’m inside at work. Wearing shoes. Not laughing.

One apocalypse scenario I’m no longer worried about surviving? Zombie.
That is, if the teenage sackers at the HEB on Bunker Hill are at all representative of the next generation. They move so incredibly, painfully, irritatingly slowly, they would easily be the first zombie target. Then, once they were zombies and in need of brains, they would never be fast enough to catch anyone, choosing instead to strike ironic poses and grow sparse facial hair while smushing my bread at the bottom of the bag.

In other high school news.
Just heard from my publisher that the stuffed animal play is being produced by a high school. That’s unexpected. The play only has one profanity, but it’s still a fairly edgy piece.  (Of course, people – or the FCC – who worry about expletives should realize that ideas can be way more subversive than words like “shit” or “fuck,” but that’s another conversation.) The school is in Washington State about 20 miles from Seattle, so maybe that explains it. This is my first – and perhaps only – high school production. Subverting the younger generation and getting paid for it? Hell yes.

6 thoughts on “Mondays, zombies, drama nerds

  1. LOVE that a high school is doing that piece!!! I would love to see what they do and how the response is.

    I would let the Zombies get me today. I am over it and it isn’t even 1:30 yet

  2. PS the Zombies will congregate to states like Kentucky & North Carolina where tortoises routinely out run the locals in hot pursuit of a steam roller passing out free NASCAR loot.

  3. What town is it? If it is close enough, maybe I can go and see one of your plays for the very first time!!

    That is totally awesome Crystal!

    1. The town is Mukilteo. Looks like it’s about 20 miles north of Seattle. I’m honestly amazed that a high school is doing this play. Not sure if it’ll be a public performance or not. I’ll see what I can find out.

  4. I don’t think you can judge any generation by the grocery sackers, can you? Maybe I’m wrong, and grocery sackers ARE the best indication of the average temperment. I’m just saying, if you’re sacking groceries at HEB, you’re not exactly the most ambitious member of your generation.

    1. Full disclosure: I worked in a grocery store my entire high school career. So I have mad bagging skills and feel that a properly sacked bag of groceries can be a work of art. But you have to give a shit.

      Also: I think that high school students who have a job, regardless of what it is, are probably a rung up, ambition-wise, from the mouth-breathers who are at home with their Wii, stealing their parents’ pot.

      The thing I don’t understand is why the adults who are ringing up the groceries don’t seem to be phased at all that they – and I – end up helping the child pack the groceries. There is no eye-rolling or lack of patience. Which is great on the part of the adults, or it means that they’ve just given up.

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