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this is the gravestone in our backyard for Chamus the Famous, who we assume (hope) was a dog – I like the way Stella looks like she's flying up out of the grave and toward the camera and how James' arm/hand looks animal-like – just an odd photo – we get a lot of those in and around this house…

– If I’m still alive when the inevitable “end” comes and find myself sitting in a tent gnawing on the hindquarters of a skinny rat in the moonlight, I will think back upon this dessert as a sure sign of what was to come. A society that creates this bullshit deserves a kick squarely in the ass.

– Facebook went down for a period on Wednesday. Had I been in the office, I might have assumed that the powers that be blocked the site. Since I was at home (and am the power that be), I knew that wasn’t the case. Googling the issue, I ran across Down Right Now. The site gives you green light/red light updates on three blog services, three email services and three social networking services, including Facebook. So you’ll know whether or not it really is just you. Nifty.

– I’m wearing a new bra today. Every time I move my left arm, the underwire creaks. I don’t like it.

– The guy who unwittingly made my day last week when he walked down the street exactly in time to Stayin’ Alive – I saw him again yesterday morning. Only this time his jacket was in the plastic wrap of the dry cleaners and dangling from his hand instead of casually slung over his shoulder. And my iPod was playing Dire Straits instead of Bee Gees. That’s okay. It was sort of a one time thing anyway.

– Have you seen Tubedubber? You search for videos on YouTube and then choose a song to accompany the video to pretend like you’re creating something new. Here’s a combo I just made. (the song will start right away, so be warned)

– I am in dire need of releasing my barbaric yawp, but I can’t quite figure out how to make that happen. I’ll work on it this weekend. Wish me luck.

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4 responses to “Friday list”

  1. Wait did you for some reason take down your ponder(ing) about why people hate Katherine Heigl? I got your feed/blurb of a new post in my mailbox and was very excited to respond to all the reasons I hate Katherine Heigl. But now I don’t see it in here? Did you get an overwhelming response of people saying – hey I LOVE Katherine Heigl, stop saying bad things about her? Or maybe I am going crazy. Either way, I fucking hate Katherine Heigl and I’ll tell you why: Because she sucks. (I have, however, seen 27 Dresses 27 times. I watch it when I think I need punishing; my own form of corporal mortification.)

    • Here’s the deal. I originally started this post with the following question:

      “Why do so many people hate Katherine Heigl? I have only seen her in a couple of things and don’t really have feelings about her either direction, but I’m surprised at the number of people who seem to really hate her guts. Am I missing something? Probably.”

      I decided to save that question for a different entry, so I deleted it from this post. I have no idea why the subscription feed included something that was not in the final version.

      Since we’re talking about it now, tell me why she sucks. Is it her acting? Her off-screen persona? What?

  2. That dessert made me want to find a chef(any chef) and punch him in the face. The people sitting at the table don’t realize it, but that is actually a pile of chef jizz, as the creation of that dessert is the product of creative masturbation. Apparently menthol goes well with semen.

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