the fight has gone international

Fighting stupidization in Singapore

My friend Larry Winters on 90.1 KPFT’s Spare Change program has a friend, John, in Singapore who listens to Larry’s show over the internet. John requested a sticker after I was on Larry’s show, and here he is posing with it on his car. In Singapore. I LOVE IT! John is officially the most far-flung ambassador of the fight stupidization movement. Awesome.

Next stop: the moon. Or maybe Mars.

In other fight stupidization news, my friend Andrea spotted a sticker while on the road in Houston last weekend (and captured a picture while stopped at a light – see below). I’m still waiting to have that experience (friends’ cars don’t count). Around the same time, she saw a guy on a motorcycle who was riding without a helmet AND texting  while in motion. Someone needs to give that guy a sticker. And a helmet. Probably a helmet first.

Fighting stupidization in Houston

(I’m not really sure why I always blot out people’s license plates when I post pictures of their cars, but it just seems like something that you’re supposed to do. Does it matter? I have no idea.)

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  1. I find these “odds” more than not. It seems like some sort of
    verification. Of what, I’m not sure!! I like it.

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