duck fat fries? don’t mind if I do

shortly after he took his first bite, Dennis said, "I should slap you," which in Dennis speak means he really loves something

I became aware of a new burger joint – The Burger Guys – a week or two ago and immediately sensed that it needed to be visited. When we did the burger journey a few years ago, we stuck with places within five or ten miles of the Alley. The Burger Guys wouldn’t have qualified back in the day because it’s far west – Westheimer between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford and Simpson. Now that the burger journey only happens once or twice a month and is generally only populated with me and Dennis, we have more options. So we headed west.

As I’ve mentioned before, the burger that is in Dennis’ hand is often his favorite. I’m able to maintain a bit more emotional distance though, and – I’m not kidding when I say this – my Burger Guys burger was top five delicious. More expensive than the places we typically frequent, but the quality of the ingredients was a good trade off. The meat was still pink in the middle with plenty of juice and the bun looked handmade. I think they buy local, though I didn’t pay close enough attention. The burger was great, but I really want to talk about the fries.

I thought perhaps they were fried in magic, but according to the restaurant it’s actually duck fat. They were light and crispy and pillowy and delicious. You can order two sauces on the side per order of fries (we went with Tabasco aioli and an herbed ranch), but the sauce isn’t necessary. Almost gilding the lily. One order is plenty for two people – Dennis and I even left a token few in the cone. Dainty.

nice buns

You’ll notice the basket of onion strips in the background. They appear on some of the sandwiches and are probably great in that capacity, but as a side they didn’t do much for me. We totally ignored them and just ate the fries. (side note: They have Dublin Dr. Pepper on draft. Didn’t even know such a thing existed.)

One word of warning – not sure what was up with the floor, but I was wearing flat shoes with a rubber sole and almost ate it. It was like the floor was humid. Hopefully they’ll spray something to take care of that problem. Nothing will make you feel like a fatass more than chowing on a burger and fries and then wiping out on your way out the door.

PS – The nice thing about having a personal blog versus being a food writer is that I don’t have to worry about a dozen anonymous trolls telling me I’m a hillbilly for never having eaten duck fat fried fries before. So there’s that.


8 responses to “duck fat fries? don’t mind if I do”

  1. oh, dear sweet baby jesus, i LOVE thelook on dennis’s face in that picture!!!! i wish i could have seen that look in person. those must have been some DAMN good fries!!!!

    • ‘Twas a transcendent experience. Not to put too fine a point on it. If you ever get down here again, you should check it out. Dennis will probably be there.

    • Yeah, not exactly vegetarian friendly. I did hear someone in the little restaurant say something about their veggie burger, but I didn’t notice one on the menu. Perhaps I was distracted by all the bacon…

  2. Hey Hillbilly, Have you done a column on what your top five burger places are? Back in the day, when I went out for a really good burger, I was usually heading for Goode Company on Kirby or the Beck’s Prime in Memorial Park. (Though admittedly I usually order the grilled chicken sandwich at both places instead.)

    I once had a swiss mushroom burger with sauteed onoins at a Chili’s that I still remember as a top five burger. Beyond those three, nothing else really distinguishes itselef in my mind.

    I’d love to see a list of your top five and and any honorable mentions worth noting.

    • Hey, Anonymous Troll. So nice to have you stop by. The top five places back during the burger journey were: Pig Stand, Christian’s Tailgate, Lankford Grocery, Bellaire Broiler Burger and New Orleans Poboy. Admittedly, as a group we were often swayed by the atmosphere and the fries as much as the burger. These days, I’m much more taken with a fresh meat patty. So the top five today might be a bit different than it was. Also, two of those places are no longer in existence (RIP).

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