no squirrel, sadly, but check out the cool orb

James and I were sitting on the couch today, looking out the picture window into the backyard and watching nature in action. Our yard is chock full of squirrels (and birds and Chamus the Famous), so there’s always something happening. Busy busy busy. Today, one particular squirrel was trying to find a place to stash his acorn when I noticed some other nuts he was carrying. He had the biggest balls I’ve ever seen on a squirrel. To be fair, I can’t actually remember ever noticing squirrel balls before, so I don’t really have much to compare them to. But these things were swinging back and forth, to and fro as he dug in the yard and scampered up a tree and drank water from a potted plant. He was at least twenty feet away, and they were still easy to spot. I’d say he was a good 8 to 10 percent balls and the rest was squirrel. I only wish I could have pulled myself away from the window long enough to grab my camera.

My life = “Look, James! That squirrel with the big balls is back. Grab the camera.”

And what a life it is.


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