Friday list

A quick Friday list because I’m trying to finish a play over my lunch break.

– Watch this short film for a bit of insight into Lloyd Kahn. He creates really awesome books on hand-built shelters and is currently working on his latest book, which will be about tiny houses. Many of which, I’m sure, are cabins in the woods. Bliss.

– Normally I drink “good” coffee at home and don’t touch the stuff here. This week that has been different. Guess I needed more caffeine. Anyway, each time I’ve visited the coffee machine, there has been only about half a cup of coffee in the pot. Which means that the previous person who got coffee left just enough in the pot to not feel like they had to make a fresh pot. Man, people can be so fucking lazy.

– I turned off Google Instant. Too presumptuous for my taste. And obviously a lot of other people.

– Back to the play. It is interesting to me that as I continue to write plays, I’m writing fewer and fewer profanities. Yet my work is getting more and more edgy. I dig that. Can’t say the same for my fucking blog.  I still cuss like a motherfucker here. Shit yeah. Tits.

7 thoughts on “Friday list

  1. Lazy Coffee Drinkers! I am with you, make another pot people. Though its worse when you made a fresh pot and come back to an empty one before you have gotten your cup. Not to mention most of the time it tastes like dirty water here…

  2. I make a point of standing guard over the brewing pot until it’s finished so I can claim the 1st cup from the fresh pot as a reward for taking the initiative. If that’s self serving then so be it. That bottom of the pot coffee is the worst (as well as road mud strong, considering that it has probably been sitting there long enough for a significant amount of water to boil off and leave half a cup of near sludge with the ability to strip the enamel off of the next unsuspecting caffeine addict’s teeth…)

  3. Yeah, it can be quite frustrating when coming up against trifling people. The basic rule is “If you kill the joe, you make some mo’!”, and yes, if there is less than a full cup left in the pot, you KILLED IT. I have taken myself out of that loop here at work by bringing a French press, grinder, and coffee beans to work. Operation Good Coffee At Work is a success!

    1. I have Mason’s french press and no freaking clue how to use it. It’s on my list of things to learn how to do. I’ll bet it makes a great cuppa java, though I wouldn’t be ambitious enough to have that set up at work. Are your coworkers jealous?

      One of my buddies at the Alley would occasionally make cafe sua da at work. You knew you were on his good list when he made you a cup.

  4. In my opinion (and many others) the French press makes the best cuppa java. It’s really not very complicated to use, either. It’s as easy as tossing some ground coffee in the bottom, fill it with hot water, stir, wait about 5 minutes, then plunge the grounds to the bottom and pour the magical elixir into your cup. Here at work, we have a Bunn coffee maker with a hot water spout, at home, I have a kettle. A press will make even pre-ground, store brand coffee taste better, but if you do grind your own, you want to make sure you leave it coarser than normal.

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