it’s the little things

I-10 backed up in a bad way this morning, so, last minute and last exit, I darted off the freeway to take an alternate route. The road that I took from I-10 dead ends on Memorial, so it was a bit stagnant as people waited for the Memorial cross traffic to cease so they could hang a left to head downtown. As I sat there waiting for my turn to turn, my iPod selected Stayin’ Alive for my morning drive. Then I saw the guy. He was walking on the sidewalk, going the same direction I was, with his jacket slung over his shoulder. And – best part – his walk was perfectly timed to the song. I mean dead on. Ah (step) ah (step) ah (step) ah (step) stayin’ (step) alive (step) stayin’ (step) alive (step). You get the idea. The traffic moved perfectly so that I stayed just behind him, which allowed me to openly enjoy this little bit of kismet without the guy being creeped out by my staring/smiling/nodding.

I listen to that song sometimes when I’m out on a walk, and I move entirely too fast to hit the beat like this guy did. He must have been ambling his way to point B this morning. Wherever he was going, he made my morning and didn’t even know it.

It’s the little things.

5 responses to “it’s the little things”

  1. I saw a guy riding a motorcycle tricked out with the hardshell saddlebags with a corncob pipe in his mouth on the Taylor St. overpass of I-10 this morning. No musical accompaniment, but still was a cool start to the day.

  2. Saturday Night Fever is on Cinemax tonight. I thought of your Blog post as I watched John Travolta strutting down the sidewalk through Brooklyn during the opening credits.

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