didn’t even have to use my a.k.

Mailed out fight stupidization stickers this weekend to people in: Massachusetts, California, Hawaii, Washington, New York and England. Word is getting out. In a bit of a trickle. Spreading like…a damp fire.

Headed up to the country yesterday. Had some of that ridiculously tasty chicken from the Fayetteville K of C. I also had the opportunity to witness this:

you have to be comfortable with your masculinity to pull this off

That would be my little brother riding his daughter Molly’s Radio Flyer tricycle. She’s only two months old, so she won’t need it for a while. It came from our uncle, who also gave Tohner a blue one for Rowan. I didn’t see the blue one, but the pink one is awesome. It has “diamonds” embedded all around the front tire. I’m not sure how old these bikes are, but I’d guess they belonged to my cousins (rather than my uncle’s grandkids). They have the sturdy, well-made look of something that was crafted 40 years ago from steel rather than the plastic fantastic design of something more current.

not even close

Here’s a photo of a new Radio Flyer pink tricycle. Even the pink paint job seems cheaper. This little girl looks like she’s happy, but imagine how much happier she’d be with diamonds on her front wheel. Poor bastard doesn’t even know what she’s missing.

Just heard from a theatre company in NYC that Flagellating the Boss (my newest play) is going to be part of a reading next month. This will be its first life outside of Six of One doing it in the Houston Fringe Festival in May. It’s fairly dark, so I wasn’t sure how other companies would receive it. My actors are used to walking the fine line between despair and hilarity. As am I, in my life. But sometimes other people don’t want to touch it.

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  1. Seems to me, you’d have to be extremely secure in your adulthood. ‘Cause if you’re an adult male, and you jump on a kids tricycle, does it really matter what color it is?

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