foiled by the burger place

Today for lunch, I joined my burger buddy Dennis at Hubcap Grill downtown on Prairie. It was a short walk from the Alley, so we hoofed it. There is limited seating inside and a small patio outside. No way were we eating in the 90+ degree heat, so we found a cramped little corner near the counter and sat there. And sat there. We had lots to talk about, so we ended up sitting in the corner for over an hour. (side note: at no point was someone standing there with no place to sit – most of the downtown folks were in and out quickly – so we weren’t those jerky people who linger over the newspaper while other people are standing there with cold scrambled eggs on Sunday morning, waiting for a table to open up)

The side effect of being in a tiny little burger (and fries) place is that I now smell like fried food. Which is a pretty gross smell when you’re sitting in an office. But the worst thing is that I’m going to see a play tonight with Robert, and I’m self conscious about my eau de hamburger. Instead of worrying whether or not I’m grossing out other audience members or making them hungry, I’m going to jet home after work to change and then swim back upstream to the pre-show happy hour. Eh. There are much worse fates, so I’m not really complaining.

As for the burger – it was great! Fresh-never-frozen meat patties truly make the difference. Dennis said that Hubcap would probably be in his top five, but I reminded him that he says that a lot – I think his most recent burger is often in his top five. I’m looking forward to visiting again when it has cooled off so I can sit on the patio and just smell like Metro exhaust instead of french fries.

PS – Hubcap has a burger with peanut butter, bacon and cheese on it. No lie.

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