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Whenever I read stories about instigating assholes like the “Christian” pastor in Florida who is calling for his congregation of 50 members to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11, I wish that the big foot from Monty Python would come down and crush the jerk. In what I find a fairly odd coincidence in this particular case, the “pastor” is named Terry Jones, not to be confused with the Terry Jones who was in Monty Python. Furthering the Terry Jones envelope, it would also be acceptable for the Terry Jones from the “church” to eat a wafer thin mint and explode like the Terry Jones from Monty Python.

Terry Jones the “Christian” is quite transparently hoping to instigate some sort of backlash from the militant Muslim community. Guess he figures maybe he can add a few more sister-fucking hillbillies to his church if there’s another terrorist attack. Says Jones, “We think it’s time to turn the tables, and instead of possibly blaming us for what could happen, we put the blame where it belongs — on the people who would do it.”

So what he’s saying is that it’s not his fault if his aggressive, disrespectful actions incite the very people he is trying to incite. It’s the fault of the people who get angry for allowing themselves to, uh, get angry. Following that line of reasoning, I could drive to Florida, find Terry Jones, and shit on his head. If he were to get mad about that, that’s his fault, not mine.

Road trip?

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  1. Sorry Crystal you are all wrong on this one. Sure T.J. is a publicity hound with less faith than I. And that is like the delta’s in an integration going to zero and disappearing from the equation.

    Here is the thing. The community center everyone is calling a mosque b/c it includes a prayer room along with the pool, gymnasium, & auditorium should be built on the land bought to build it on, regardless of how close to “ground zero” it is. And T.J. can burn any book he wants. Big whoopty! This is America, where we have a government founded upon a Constitution & Bill of Rights that dictate a separation of church & state as well as a freedom to worship any or no god.

    I once burned an American flag on the 4th of July b/c I could. I also served in the Army and darn near got shipped to Iraq the 1st time around. I consider myself a patriot, but also the rarest of things, an intelligent, educated citizen.

    The telling bit here is T.J. claims the Koran & Islam are “EVIL”, apparently mostly because they deny Jesus Christ is the son of God. And he, (T.J.), has been called upon by God to carry out this demonstration against “EVIL”. At least those are things I heard him say to a BBC interviewer a couple of days ago.

    Today it turns out, that after the FBI payed him a visit, he has called off the burning b/c the “mosque” won’t be built on the purposed site. How that translates into God “called” him back and said he had a change of heart due to the worldwide outcry over the insult to a religion that does not recognize his son as his son. . . well. . . all I can do is laugh.
    But then I went to High School in Tulsa, OK at the same time the Great Oral Roberts saw a 50 ft. Jesus in a dream who told him he would be “called home” if enough money was not given to his “church”. Now that is Drama! I never prayed so hard, nor was so disappointed, when at that last minute a millionaire save Oral from joining his maker in the promised land.

    I often wish with all my might, that something, anything, would reduce the number of humans on this rock dramatically. If that something were a number of “devout” believers in archaic superstition, well, there would be a poetic irony there, no? Beside the A.I.D.S. virus has been such a disappointment. . .

    Did I really say all that out loud? ROTFLMBFFAO!

    • To be clear, I never claimed that Terry Jones the “Christian” didn’t have the legal right, as an American, to burn the Qur’an or any other book of his choosing. I was just pointing out that he was being a dickhead.

    • ‘Twas called off once Jones caught wind of the fact that people were going to drive in from Houston to poop on his head. But we remain vigilant. Future road trips are almost a given. As is your attendance.

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