this is Galveston?

In no particular order, here are the top seven reasons why today’s impromptu trip to Galveston was fantastic.

THE BEACH. Since today's trip was completely spur-of-the-moment, I didn't take the time at home to figure out which beach would be best. So as we approached the seawall and had to turn left or right, I headed left toward Apfel Park. Look at that lovely sand. No seaweed. No tar balls. No jelly fish. Just clean sand as far as the eye could see. Quite different from the last time I went to this beach over a decade ago.
THE WEATHER. Just a few puffy white clouds and sunshine. There was a constant breeze, but it wasn't the kind of breeze we've been feeling for the past few months where it feels like someone opened a hot oven that has a fan inside that is blowing 400 degree heat in your face. This was a caressing breeze, and when damp from being in the water it actually cooled you off.
THE WILDLIFE. James was out in the water, and I was relaxing on the beach. I saw him waving and pointing a bit farther out in the water from where he was standing. Then I saw the FIN. I thought it was a shark, so I was waving for him to come back in. Not surprisingly, he didn't. The four young dudes who were right by him headed for the beach with no small amount of panic, but James just stood there, watching. Then, as the fin gracefully moved in an arcing motion in and out of the water, I realized it was a dolphin. Cool.
THE TUNES. I have this ridiculous old school jam box that includes a KEYBOARD. Oh yeah. In a lovely marriage of old and new technology, James hooked his iPhone up to the jam box and played music from iTunes.
THE REFRESHMENTS. We brought a cooler full of Tecate and, oddly, Little Kings cream ale. You aren't supposed to bring glass on the beach, so we had to sneak the Little Kings. They are the sort of beer my grandmother would have liked – she adored anything that was small. She was small, too. Also, we ate Cheetos.
THE WATER. I don't ever remember going to Galveston and being able to see my feet in waist-deep water. But today, the water was clear. Which was great because when seaweed brushed across my leg, I didn't have a heart attack.
THE COMPANY. Last but not least. James was up for a last minute, random trip to the beach this morning. We had a great time and have gained a renewed appreciation for Galveston.
ADDENDUM. Check out this shot James took with his iPhone. Vortex?

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