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  • When I moved my blog over to wordpress, I decided to utilize categories. I went back as far as the beginning of 2008, I think, adding categories to hundreds of old posts. This is useful for me and anyone who is in the mood for a particular theme. What I find interesting is that for the category “lists,” of which this post is a member, I almost always post on a Friday. I guess Friday must be my catch-all day for tidbits that occur to me during the week but don’t get their own post. So I’m going to try to do that every Friday. We’ll see how it goes.
  • This illustrated blog post perfectly displays why I tend to prefer internet-based communication. The entire blog is pretty funny stuff.
  • Have you checked out Regretsy? It’s a website that posts the most ridiculous items for sale on Etsy (a place where people sell hand crafted items) and then makes fun of them. I gave the site a cursory glance a few months ago but didn’t really dig into it until a couple of nights ago. I ended up staying up late and going back to the beginning of the blog and moving forward through time (I’m a wizard), and after 15 or 20 minutes, I was literally laughing out loud. Even though the site features things made by hand, many of the items are not appropriate to look at on your work computer and will invade your dreams if you view them right before bed. Trust me on that last part.
  • My post the other day about missing old school Houston seemed to resonate (positively and negatively) with some of my fellow citizens. I had offline conversations with a number of you about this topic. I think it’s fairly typical for people to have issues with the place where they grew up. Just as I’m upset with some of Houston’s changes, I’m also often first (well, maybe third) in line to defend Houston. Unlike other cities in Texas and beyond, Houston doesn’t obnoxiously push its quirkiness. Nor do you feel like you have to have money to be “somebody.” As I’ve said before, Houston is like that dorky kid in high school who doesn’t come from money and isn’t particularly attractive or athletic. In order to not be a total outcast, Houston has developed other skills. Art cars, Texas Medical Center, an openness to everyone no matter their ethnicity or background, copious amounts of tasty food, a growing arts scene, Lights in the Heights, etc. Houston is a city that doesn’t try too hard to be any one thing. But the weather sucks four or five months out of the year, there are huge flying cockroaches and ravenous mosquitoes, and a number of the places I used to go to with people who are no longer on this plane of existence are disappearing. Those things suck. Part of being in a relationship is being honest about the good and the bad. Houston and I have been together for a long time – I know its faults just as it knows mine. And, for the time being, I’m still here.
  • Today was the monthly potluck lunch for my department. There’s a bit of culinary roulette when we have this meal together, and some months are better than others. This was a good month. Plus, my coworker Holly brought sausage (Kielbasa), providing a great launching pad for inappropriate lunch conversation. Hopefully HR was not listening in.
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    3 responses to “Friday list”

    1. Well if HR was looking and has anything snarky to say, just gag them with a Kielbasa! Haha.

      I did not have time to respond to your Ubi Sunt Houston post the other day, so I will include what I thought to say there, here, along with my thoughts on your additional thoughts. heehee

      (Hey, I can’t help it, I am in a good mood. It’s my birthday and I get a three day weekend. Yeah!)

      Nothing lasts forever. Nor should it. I too am sad when cherished places from my childhood or before disappear. But sad is the other side of happy. Ying/yang & all that. What disgusts me is the homogenization of a culture dominated by national/international chains & franchises. The first I recall really focusing any thought on this was about 20 years ago when I read Travel’s With Charley by John Steinbeck for the first time. He lamented this trend when it was first emerging. That book is a great read and it inspired another pretty good book that also discussed the way every highway exit looks exactly the same. The second book is Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon.

      Now my naughty mind won’t let me dally here any longer. I have to go see what titillation there might be at Regretsy!

      Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

    2. You have hit on something that I should have stressed – if all these cool old things were being replaced by one-of-a-kind cool new things, it wouldn’t be so painful. But, yeah, seeing cool shit disappear to be replaced by a CVS and a Darque Tan is just a psychic bitch slap.

      Happy birthday! Enjoy your three day weekend. Report back after checking out crocheted vaginas and penis pillows on Regretsy.

    3. Thank you. It my wife and I have had a magnificent day. Glade to see yours was good too.

      There was is shortage of felt and yarn genitalia at that site. The commentary is hilarious. I think my favorite has to be the vampire glasses in the twilight section. But the baby vampire doll gets honorable mention.

      Because I am that kind of a nit-picky person, I have to say that I strongly suspect the bitch slap you are stinging from is actually far more spiritual than psychic.

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