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What is it about James being out of town that makes me seek the scariest shit I can find on TV? I do this every time he’s gone overnight, and tonight is no different. I’m sitting here working on my website and watching My Ghost Story, which is a one-hour program that shares three or four stories about encounters with ghosts/entities. The difference with this show versus others I’ve watched is that each person’s story is enhanced with their own photographic/video/audio “evidence” instead of some cheesy reenactment of the event. Some of the stories are obvious bullshit, but others are fairly creepy. And will get creepier as the darkness settles in.


UPDATE (written the next morning)

Well, I kept on watching scary shit on TV until about 9PM when I realized I’d truly made an error. Every noise the house made (and it makes plenty, all the time) started making me jumpy. Jumpier, I should say. So I searched around the channels to find something less scary but still interesting (not always an easy task with the old boob tube). And then, there it was. Two Fat Ladies, an awesomely ridiculous cooking program that features two fat English ladies who ride a motorcycle and sidecar combo and cook awful British food. I’d forgotten about that show (it aired during the 90s), so it was a happy surprise. The ladies dislike vegetarians (as does Anthony Bourdain) and are always cooking things such as rabbit and deer and other cute furry creatures. It scared me in a different, much better way.

As for the sleeping part of my evening, other than dreams about spiders building huge webs above my bed, ’twas a quiet night.


6 responses to “ghost stories”

  1. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you post on your blog that you’ll be alone tonite.
    That shoukd settle everything down.
    Hah um haha um hahahahahaaaa

    • Dammit! I thought I heard some a’scratchin’ on the window.

      It’s all real funny now but will cease to be so in a few hours. I’ll be sure to call you when the shit gets deep.

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