Evidently there are thousands upon shitloads of Skype users because every user name I tried when creating my account tonight was taken. I’ve rarely (if ever) been denied “cryjack.” But it was unavailable. So I tried “dogfarm.” Nope. Digging a little deeper, “sarcastra.” Nuh uh. Digging really deep (or so I thought), “cowboymonkey.” Are you kidding me? Cowboymonkey is taken? So I went with the name that, as I reported a few years ago, would have been a great roller derby moniker: BarbieWallbanger. It is both sarcastic and indicative of years spent slinging drinks (Harvey Wallbanger = a delicious drink full of vitamin C) (and vodka). The name was definitely not my first choice, but at least I now feel clever enough to have created a Skype login without having to add a bunch of numbers. For whatever that’s worth.

Six Of One Productions is going to be the featured arts group at the December 2 Cultured Cocktails event at Boheme on Fairview. This is a weekly event hosted by Spacetaker, and a percentage of bar sales goes to the arts group being featured. I hope you can join us and do your best to pollute your liver. The timing on this is great – I’m in the early stages of planning our next project. It’s going to be something quite different from anything we’ve done before, and we’ll need some funding to make it happen. So there’s that.

I’m thinking about having some fight stupidization tee shirts printed up to give away/sell at the happy hour. I’ve wanted to do this for a while but just haven’t had enough momentum to make it happen. I looked at a few places online, checking out how much it would cost to print just 6 shirts (the minimum order for many sites). The cheapest deal I’ve found so far is $92 for six black tees. Do you know of a place that might have a better price? We don’t have any money in our Six Of One account right now, so I only want to buy a few tees at this point. If they sell the way I think they will, I’ll have more made, always charging just enough to have more shirts printed up. Like that commercial about cocaine from a couple of decades ago…I’ll have some shirts printed…so I can sell them…so I can make enough money to have some shirts printed…so I can sell them…


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