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interactivity: Theatre goers and practitioners – tell me about some interesting (or not) interactive theatre experiences you’ve had lately. By “interactive,” I’m talking about new media involvement in the production, direct interaction between audience and performers, the performance beginning in the lobby (or pre-show), the ability to offer feedback during/after the performance (twitter, facebook). That sort of thing. Interested in the good and the bad. All responses will be confidential, so give me the real deal. And this isn’t for public purposes, just for me as I plan the next project.

anxiety: For two nights in a row now, I’ve dreamed of the circus. Sort of. Circus-related things, anyway. Last night, I saw a guy swinging on a trapeze in the heavily-treed front yard of a massive house. He’d never been on a trapeze before, yet he soared at least thirty or forty feet in the air with skill and no fear. I was on the ground, watching with amazement and envy. In another dream, I was tending bar and stressed. Whenever I have work-related anxiety dreams, they always take place in bars (which haven’t employed me in almost a decade). Work anxiety is better expressed in the hustle/bustle of a bar rather than the office because me sitting at a desk, grimacing and typing, isn’t nearly as compelling as having a bunch of thirsty/angry drunks clamoring for their drinks. The odd thing is – my anxiety is always related to the fact that I’m taking too much time to make drinks for the people, or I realize I’ve forgotten someone’s order from an hour previous. It never includes the patrons actually getting upset or any other repercussion beyond my own disappointment in myself. So maybe that’s only mild anxiety. Or performance anxiety. Perhaps I should take a mental Viagra™ before work. More coffee?

cooking tip: If you’ve just cut some garlic and you have a stainless steel sink, rub your garlicky fingers all over your sink before washing your hands. The garlic smell disappears, and it makes your sink happy.

if money is burning a hole in your pocket: Pay the people at AwesomenessReminders to call you every day to tell you how awesome you are. According to the website (and we know websites are required to tell the truth), as of this writing 117 people have signed up for the service. At minimum, that works out to $1,755. Not a bad way to earn a little jack.  For whatever reason, thinking about calls telling you how awesome you are reminds me of Affirmation Girl.

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  1. I think it’s pretty awesome that one of the AwesomenessReminders FAQs is “Your web page sucks. How do I know the service is legitimate?” Can another one be, Will you keep telling me I’m awesome if I use you as a verbal punching bag when you call?

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