I’m special (special), so special (special)

two examples of special in one shot

I gotta have my own lane in traffic…give it to me.

The drive to work was congested this morning. According to the radio, in addition to an accident at I-10 and Washington, a woman went into labor. I think they were two separate incidents, but who knows. What I do know is the shit was backed up, which of course meant that all of the special drivers differentiated themselves from us regular folk. In the shot above, you will see two examples of what I’m talking about.

The car on the left is a regular HOV driver + passenger. No problem. The car in the middle is a solo driver who decided, rather than wait in traffic like a dumbass, she’d go ahead and cross through the barrier to drive on the HOV lane. A number of people did this, which caused the HOV folks who were clipping right along to have to slam on their brakes as these idiots pulled in front of them with little warning. Finally, the car on the right is driving on the shoulder. A lot of people did this, which is why it was so easy to capture both of these dillweeds in one shot. In my continuing quest to chill out when driving and not get so worked up (aka screaming obscenities in combinations never before heard), I thought I’d take some pictures as these people went flying by my non-moving car. Did it work? Meh.

Though I’m certain some of the people who were hotfooting it illegally down the highway had valid reasons – job interview, woman in labor, Beiber (beaver?) sighting, I’m pretty sure that most of these people think they are just too damn special to have to sit and wait.

There is such an abundance of special people in the world today that you are actually special if you do not think you are special. You dig?

[By the way, I took these pix with a new app in my iPhone. The colors are all weird. What’s funny, though, is that it captured my state of mind on the drive in. Now that’s an app!]


6 responses to “I’m special (special), so special (special)”

  1. Entitlement. The people who drive in the breakdown lane to save 2 minutes are the same damn people who leave their carts blocking aisles in the grocery store, turn left from the right lane, merge at the last minute, take 25 items through the 10 items or fewer lane, and basically DON’T FOLLOW THE DAMN RULES. Read The Tragedy of the Commons, people, and get a clue!

  2. I’m not NEARLY spayshul ’nuff to engage in such douchbaggery.

    I’m constantly amazed at the deadly maneuvers drivers will pull, all in the name of shaving 20 seconds off of their drivetime. Sometimes, I seriously consider a required verbal warning should be played every five minutes or so, something like: “Remember, you are operating a potential death-machine, please act accordingly”. But I’m not naive enough to believe it would actually work.

    • It would be nice if we could mark people’s cars with some sort of asswipe notation when they do something rude/dangerous/douchey. Once you get five asswipe marks, you have to garage your car for a week.

  3. Actually, that idea was explored by Neal Stephenson in his book “Snow Crash”, as well as the “Michelin Man suit”, which is an air-bag-type suit the driver wears. Also, in the book, the Mafia has taken over the pizza delivery business.

  4. I first saw that idea many years ago with the comedian Gallagher. He suggested suction cup darts with a banner on the stick that reads “idiot”, if you get 5 stuck to your car the next cop to see you gives you a ticket.

    I, Me, Mine. ..give me convenience or give me death! Welcome to the Greed Church of the Almighty Dollar where a person’s “goodness” is defined by wealth, so naturally the more ruthless and inconsiderate you are the more you can grab.

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