paranoia, waltzing

I STILL want to believe

Watching the tail end of an X-Files rerun on Chiller tonight. I was crazy about that show back in the day. In fact, in an embarrassing admission of my (continued) nerddom, I have an I Want to Believe poster behind my desk at home (see above). That’s not an old picture. I took it tonight. I’ll spare you the fangirl gushing. I only mention it because it seems the series’ constant paranoia is much more suited to today’s reality than when it originally aired. Or maybe my perspective has changed. Actually, I’m sure it has.

Wow, banner night on the old cable TV this evening. Now The Last Waltz is on. One of my favorite films. Top 5 for sure. Levon Helm is the coolest cat. Robbie Robertson is hot. Richard Manuel is kooky, bless his heart. Rick Danko is charming. The music is fucking awesome. Best concert film ever? Yes. Dude, Scorsese directed it. Ridiculous guest artists – Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison in a jumpsuit. Wish I’d been there – Thanksgiving night at Winterland in San Francisco in 1976. What I mean is, I wish I could have been there at this age – not when I was only 6 years old. Though I might have enjoyed it then, too.

Joni Mitchell is on stage now. A lot of her songs (most of them?) are about distant men who don’t want to be tied down and have other women in their lives. Wonder if she sings about the men she’s encountered or if she’s singing about herself?

Sorry. I’ll spare you the The Last Waltz blow-by-blow. Back to whatever you were doing.

Mannish Boy. I’m a rolling stone. Man. I’m a hoochie coochie man.

Sorry. Really, I’m done now.

UPDATE: Not done yet, evidently. Van Morrison is on now – he’s not wearing a jumpsuit as I reported earlier. He’s in a purple pantsuit with rhinestones. You can imagine how, even after seeing this film at least 30 times, I could confuse a jumpsuit with a pantsuit in my memory. Both are not made of natural fibers, and both are too tight. Turn up your radio. Your RAD-E-OH.

PS – I’ve had some wine, but I am not drunk. Just for the record.

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  1. I disagree with your assessment that pantsuits and jumpsuits must be made of unnatural fibers.

  2. I myself, have worn a cotton jumpsuit or two, in my day. I have also heard of such a thing as a wool pantsuit/jumpsuit.

    • Perhaps we have different definitions of jumpsuit and pant suit. I’m not including coveralls or overalls in this discussion. With “jumpsuit,” I’m mostly talking about a one-piece outfit that is generally worn by a woman and is generally form fitting (nut hugging, if you will). As for the pant suit, that’s something I associate with working women in the 70s. Stretchy, loud colors. Women who wear a matching set of pants/jacket now are just wearing a suit.

      Keep in mind this is all coming from a person who wears jeans to work every day. What do I know from fashion.

  3. Yes, we have different definitions of jumpsuit and pantsuit. For one, the jumpsuit got it’s name from the fact that skydivers and pilots (and later, astronauts) wore them, so I tend to think more along the line of coveralls when I think of a jumpsuit. Pete Townshend used to be fond of sporting the jumpsuit on stage in the 70s. Pretty much any one-piece garment with sleeves and legs can be called a jumpsuit. When I think of pantsuit, I think more along the lines of a “leisure suit”, where the jacket and pants tend to match.

  4. Well there you go. Different definitions, with both of us looking through the eyes of our specific gender.

    (Though Pete might have wished he was wearing my definition of a jumpsuit, he was in fact wearing my definition of coveralls.)

    Glad we got that figured out. I will assume that the next time I see you, you’ll be wearing a cotton jumpsuit.

  5. When you say a “form-fitting one-piece outfit worn by women”, I would assume you mean a catsuit. With both a jumpsuit and a catsuit being a one-piece garment, and the main difference being one is a looser garment mostly worn by men and the other a tighter garment mostly worn by women.

    When it comes to what VM wears in “The Last Waltz”, I would generally agree with your pantsuit assessment, which I consider to be a close relative of the leisure suit of the 70s(maybe even going so far as to say that the pantsuit is the female version of the leisure suit).

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