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I had a funny morning. Let the dogs out as soon as I woke up. I stood there looking into our green green back yard, which is bigger than a typical Houston lot, and thought about how beautiful everything looked in the morning light filtering through the trees. In fact, my exact thought was, “Man, it’s beautiful back here. Like a park and shit.” I do my best to not tack on “and shit” to anything I say out loud, but evidently my brain hadn’t quite gotten running when I had that deep thought. Then, after the coffee was done percolating, I reached into the cabinet…and grabbed a wine glass. Force of habit, I suppose. I just forgot what time it was. Coffee cup in the morning, wine glass at night. Get it together, sister.

Had a great visit with Tohner and his family over the weekend. Master Rowan has taken the recent arrival of his little sister in stride. He was even giving her kisses.

give us a kiss

As you can sort of see in this shot, Rowan is wearing a tie dyed shirt. I picked that up for him before he was born when I was in San Antonio for a PBS conference. We were wandering around the River Walk when I came upon (a child of God) a man from Austin selling his homemade shirts. In a nod to our Irish heritage (which Tohner is very fond of), I picked a shirt for Rowan that had a green clover in the middle. And Miss Molly is wearing something that I picked up for her. It’s funny – whenever we go for a visit, Tohner’s wife Brandy always puts the kids in clothes that I gave them. I can’t wait until I get to see Molly in her pink tutu bathing suit…

serenity now

Ahhhh, bliss. Is there anything more zen than holding a sleeping little baby? I mean, once you make sure they aren’t suffocating themselves on your shoulder? Yes, being a non-parent, I made James check to see that her little nose was receiving plenty of air. What can I say, I’m a worrier. Once we crossed that hurdle, Molly and I settled in for a little quiet time in the chair while the world around us kept on spinning…

perhaps a future in soccer?

And bouncing…Here Tohner is bouncing a ball off Rowan’s head. You will note that the big blue ball is only slightly larger than Rowan’s head. With the exception of my mother, everyone in my family has a larger-than-average head. And it seems to have continued into the next generation too. That’s good. Hard heads serve you well in this life.


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  1. Some famous fashion designer, can’t remember who, announced unequivocally in a radio interview that all the world’s most beautiful women had exceptionally large heads. And he cited a bunch of examples. Huh, I thought. Now, large heads as an indicator of intelligence — well, at least that makes SOME sense. But beauty? Nevertheless, I wear my extra-large cowboy hat with new confidence . . . .

  2. I too, thoroughly enjoy the time I get to spend with my nephews. But then again, I am perfect uncle material, I’m lots of fun and will play with the kiddos all day and teach them interesting stuff, but then I leave before I can do too much serious damage to their tender psyches.

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