clearing the air

  • I’m pretty sure that whatever died in our wall(s) and is decomposing has finally reached the point of not-so-stinky. It’s hard to be certain since James bought a number of plug-in air fresheners that have filled the air with the scents of “fresh linen” and “apple-cinnamon.” Going from one room to the next is like entering different smell zones. I look forward to getting back to our house just smelling like air.
  • We attended a wedding over the weekend that featured an entirely vegetarian spread. The people at our table who had come in from Tyler didn’t quite know what to make of it. I thought it was all delicious except for the tamale, which tasted like glue. I wore a dress for the first time in almost a decade and had to remember how to sit correctly. I’m like the awkward girl from the movie before the makeover.
  • Still waiting on the latest round of fight stupidization stickers to arrive. I’m happy to report that some folks who received theirs last week have already sent back photos of the stickers in place on their vehicles. Hoping more people will do the same, especially those who live in places beyond Houston (and beyond Texas).
  • For lunch today, I ate flavored tuna. It was “sun-dried tomato and olive oil” flavor, and though it tasted okay, I feel kind of gross for having eaten it. Tuna is best when it’s just tuna flavored.
  • I’m thinking about creating a website that specifically pokes fun at the stupid, ign’ant, racist, hateful, completely lacking-in-anything-related-to-reality comments that are left on every news story posted on the Houston Chronicle’s website. Is that giving the morons too much attention? Maybe the fight stupidization blog can feature a dumbass comment of the week or something. It’s either that, or I’ll have to throw my computer out the window. Don’t tell me to just stop scrolling down there. I’ve tried that. It doesn’t work. It’s compulsory.
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  1. We were gonna do “dumbass publicity comment of the week” on the Houston Press music blog, but the publicists stopped sending us stuff.

  2. Re: final bullet. I think we should track down these born losers and show photos of their sorry selves. OUT them.

  3. Yes! It’s the anonymity that lets these cretins feel like they can say anything they want with no (karmic) consequences. If they were forced to own what they say, it would be a different story.

    My question is: Are there really people out there who believe the kind of shit that is posted as commentary, or are they just desperately lonely, ignored people who are looking for attention?

    Maybe I don’t want to know the answer.

  4. Unfortunately, they’re out there in droves. Just look at the number of drivers who don’t know how to use a turn signal. Most of them are registered voters with computers.

  5. I got my bumper sticker (YEAAAA!!!!) and now hope to take a photo of it on my car in an interesting location. Maybe parked next to someone with anti-abortion and God Hates Gays and God Bless Bush bumper stickers.

    the website? excellent idea — but you realize you’d be preaching to the choir, right? It would be fun, a la Jon Stewart, to present the best of the worst in a central location.

    • I think it could be cathartic to have a place to post (and then poke fun at) ridiculous comments. As long as it didn’t devolve into those of us in the choir having a circle jerk…

  6. I think perhaps the “comment of the week” could be sufficient… I have many from the New Haven Register I could contribute, though I know this blog is Houston-centric 🙂 As I think? you know, I’m interning as a community organizer in Connecticut public housing communities this summer, and just this morning, I read some of the most hateful things people could conjure about Section 8 voucher recipients and low-income public housing residents. Because, you know. All those mentally ill and/or wheelchair bound public housing residents ought to get off their asses and get a job. What the fuck.

    • I’m all for group participation here, so I’d be happy to provide a place where people could post stupid comments (wherever they might originate). I’ll see if I can add a page to this site that can accept posts from other people.

      All those residents need to get off their asses and get a job, yet at the same time there are no jobs because the illegal aliens took them all = typical rhetoric on the Chron site. Glad (not really) to see it’s in New Haven as well.

  7. It’s definitely not just the Cron, it’s EVERYWHERE. No matter what the original subject matter of the article, no matter how big or small the news source. It’s like there are thousands & thousands, if not millions of little drones out there that have been programmed to spout knee-jerk vitriol, no matter what is said to them. Hold on, it’s not LIKE that, that’s exactly what it is.

  8. I offer up the commenters in my own community for your noon time entertainment:

    Just pick from the “Most Commented” list on the right hand side, and feel free to skip the article and dive right into the comments. Fascinating. There’s even a regular cast of characters there. Immigration topics are the most entertaining, but comments regarding any crime are usually quite lively as well, especially those where the police used deadly force to stop a crime or apprehend a criminal.

    Commenter1: “Good shooting!”
    Commenter2: “U didnt know him, so dont judge him! We love you and miss you Johnny!”

    • It’s like a carbon copy of the Chron’s comments. Maybe it’s the same handful of commenters who just spend their days posting this bullshit on various news sites. I’d rather believe that than face the fact that we’re surrounded by…these people.

  9. Sorry, fact is we are surrounded by these “people”. ‘We have met the enemy and it is us.’

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