the deal

This blog has picked up a few new readers over the past few days (welcome!), so I wanted to quickly talk to you about what goes on here. The good news is, sometimes I write about stupidization on a grand scale like the refudiate incident last week or potential employers getting up in your business. The bad news is, there are a lot of other sorts of posts in between. I generally write in this blog while eating lunch at my desk, so whatever occurs to me as I open up wordpress is usually what I write about. That’s the great freedom of not writing this blog for money – anything goes, there are no deadlines, I can cuss freely, I don’t have to worry about advertisers, and if it just ends up being me and one of you, that’s okay. Not optimal, but okay.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll have to wade through entries about what I ate for dinner or the fight I had with my boyfriend – information such as that only comes up peripherally if at all (me being more focused on the asshole at the next table during dinner, and I never write about relationship issues) (also, my boyfriend and I never fight) (ahem). I try to focus on the absurdities of life, playwriting, my obsession with living off the grid  in a cabin in the woods yet somehow having full internet connectivity (the power play in my life between being a pseudo-luddite and being in love with my Apple products), the desire to have a dog farm, attempts at gardening (that failed this year because of too much rain), travels, living in Houston, ghosts, the funny people in my life (including my family), stupid comments posted on other websites…you get the point.

As for comments – I don’t allow anonymous ones (unless they are REALLY funny) and I will delete aggressive/assholish ones from trolls. There are plenty of places on the internet where anonymous vitriol-spewers can post hateful bullshit – the fight stupidization blog is not one of those places. This blog encourages the people who are willing to put their name on their opinion and have a somewhat civilized conversation while doing so. Being funny in your comments is a bonus but not mandatory.

That’s pretty much it. I encourage comments, and I love to hear from you via email, too.  Helps me feel like I’m not just yelling into an empty room.

Thanks for reading.


8 responses to “the deal”

  1. I should have also mentioned that “first post” bullshit will be deleted (except for this one, which serves as a good example). There are only, like, three people who read this blog. It’s not difficult to be number one.

  2. Perhaps that “first” is serendipity for me. I have been perusing the wikipedia entry on memes the last couple of days when I have the odd minute or two.

    The room is not empty. Sparsely populated perhaps, but not empty.

  3. Once you became affixed in the Monroe “favorites,” you can be assured of at least one reader each day.


  4. I’m with you on that “off the grid” with amenities thing. Sign me up.

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