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Since the radio show on Saturday, I’m happy to report that I’ve run out of stickers. I’m going to get more printed this week, so there shouldn’t be too much of a delay for the people who didn’t get one this round. It’s been great fun reading the various ways people are fighting stupidization in their lives (the requirement for getting a sticker is that the person making the request share their plan). A sampling:

  • I refuse to walk away from the frustrations of the political process and promise to stay as informed as possible. – Marco
  • Thanks for publicizing a tragedy in the making—the dumbing down of our society for religious and political short term goals. – John
  • Most importantly I will not let all my efforts to avoid stupidization turn me into a snob who constantly judges those who don’t fight stupidization. Well…I’ll only judge (and laugh at) them sometimes. – Brittny
  • I will try to do a better job of questioning my friends and acquaintances when they come out with a “stupid” comment. – Bill
  • Intellectual jujitsu is much easier when you know where their attack is coming from.  (“Did you know that they want to build a Mosque at Ground Zero!?”  Actually, it’s a community center they’re trying to build a block or two away, but if your preferred news source deliberately chooses an incorrect label to try to incite passionate opposition to the idea, what else do you think they might be lying about?) – Al
  • The way that appeals to emotion rather than reason have overtaken almost all political dialogue reinforces one of my favorite Charles Bukowski quotes:  “Politics is like fucking a dead cat up the ass.” – Wes

If you’d like to get on the waiting list for a sticker, visit the website for more details.

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