Fighting stupidization on KPFT with Larry Winters

90.1 KPFT – Spare Change with Larry Winters

It started like this. I gave my sweet friend Mary Brolley some fight stupidization stickers. Mary gave her badass writer friend William Michael Smith a sticker, which he put on his truck. Mike was at KPFT a couple of weeks ago when Larry, the laid back host for Spare Change, saw the sticker and liked it. Suddenly, via Mary/Mike/Larry, I had an appointment to appear on Spare Change yesterday to talk about fighting stupidization. Yikes.

As you may have noticed from reading this blog or knowing me in person, I cuss like the ubiquitous sailor. I don’t know who the sailor was or why he felt the need to cuss so much, but I’m sure he’s an ancestor of mine. So there was the initial fear that I would say something on air that the FCC wouldn’t dig, which would in turn not be cool.

The other thing that worried me was that I’ve never been able to talk about the fight stupidization thing in a very succinct manner. The plays and the blog are my expression of the concept, but what’s the short definition? Ends up, it’s a really easy thing to define: the battle against the dumbing down of America. Once I had that figured out, I wrote down three basic tenets and kept going from there. We only touched on some of that stuff during the interview, but I think I got the gist of it across. Click the link above to see what you think.

When I first sat in the studio with Larry, he reminded me that the FCC frowns upon the sort of colorful language that I’m so fond of (this is what I’d already been obsessively worrying about). In an effort to cleanse my mental palate, so to speak, I stepped into the lobby for a moment and let fly a Tourettes-esque flood of words. Something to the effect of “fuck fuck fuck shit fuck motherfucker cocksucker fucker tits dickhead fuck. Asshole.” And it actually seemed to work! Made it through an almost 10-minute interview with nary a word that would require a subsequent fine.

Since the conversation yesterday, I’ve received numerous requests for stickers. More requests than stickers, in fact, which is a great situation to be in. I’m going to order another round of stickers, so everyone who wants one will get one (until I run out of money for postage). In an upcoming post, I’ll start sharing some of the great ways that people are fighting stupidization in their lives.

If you want a sticker, visit the website for all details. And make sure you listen to Spare Change on KPFT – 90.1. Saturdays from noon to 3PM. The music is fantastic, and you’re bound to hear stuff you’ve never heard before. Plus, Larry’s a cool cat. If you have a few bucks, throw them his way during their next pledge drive or leave a tip in the tip jar during Spare Change.

4 responses to “Fighting stupidization on KPFT with Larry Winters”

  1. Your sailor or mine the stream of consciousness is the same and the
    results effective.

  2. we must be long lost cousins cause I cuss like that sailor guy, too. You sounded fine on the radio, by the way. And I’m looking forward to putting the bumpersticker on my car, next to my 90.1 sticker.

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