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Tomorrow (Saturday, July 24th) at 1PM-ish on KPFT 90.1, I will take to the airwaves. Larry Winters has invited me to join his Spare Change program to talk about what it means to fight stupidization. When this opportunity first came up, I wasn’t sure what I’d talk about. My fight against stupidization has always been through my plays and blog and, to a lesser degree, my interpersonal interactions (aka arguing with people while drinking). Not exactly fodder for compelling radio.

But fighting stupidization isn’t about me (that’s the direction I went at first because I’m incredibly self-centered). I’m just the keeper of the stickers and the person who brings it up all the time. The fight against stupidization is being fought by everyone (whether they know it or not) who refuses to participate in the dumbing down of America. Every person who is raising thoughtful children. Every person who doesn’t pollute their brain by paying even the smallest amount of attention to:

  • whom celebrities are screwing
  • what bombastic blowhards with radio programs have to say regarding topics they know very little about or
  • voyeuristic, exploitative “reality” programming that lowers the general IQ of the room by an average of 15 points per hour* (*85% of statistics are made up).

Just as the pendulum swings one way, it must come back the other. We may seem to be descending into the idiocracy right now as hypocrites of the world shit on our vision of what politicians, pundits, highly-paid entertainers and “responsible” major corporations should be. But just as we are drowning in refudiation, the pendulum will swing back the other direction. And there will be dancing in the streets. Maybe even homemade cookies (without raisins).

For my part, I pass out the stickers and tell stories. Sometimes those stories are subversive, using humor to wiggle past doorways that usually slam shut when people sense a “message” coming their way. That’s it. Well, that and the goal of having one Fight stupidization sticker on every 100th car in Houston to remind people that it’s okay to seek enlightenment, to have a thirst for knowledge, to teach the ignorant through exposure of their ill-conceived notions (or, if that doesn’t work, punching them in the face*) (*the fight stupidization blog does not condone violence), to spell out the entire word and to take time to gather information and formulate a thoughtful response rather than be in a rush to be the first to post a comment on facebook or twitter.

Tomorrow, Houston. Eventually, the world.

Please listen to the show tomorrow. Larry plays a great mix of music, so even if my segment sucks the tunes will be good. Also, I’ll be giving away bumper stickers.


9 responses to “on the radio, on on on the radio”

  1. Just heard you on the radio, love this idea! I’d like a sticker but can’t find your email to ask for one. Am I too stupid?! Hehehe

  2. I actually saw a fight stupidization bumper sticker for the first time yesterday. It was on the binder of my co-worker. Today I get a facebook alert and here I am learning about it on the radio. I love when I can string together meaningless coincidences and say “It’s meant to be!” I’ve always had an aversion to gossip rags and reality TV. Now I can say that I’m part of a movement.

    Seriously though, I love words with a passion. Even though I can’t always spell them, this movement touches my heart and tickles my brain. I’m going to have to start reading this blog. I enjoyed your interview Crystal!

  3. Thank you so much for your heartfelt words. Living in the neighbor-
    hood of KPFT, I rushed right over to get the bumper sticker. I came
    in as you were leaving and was lucky enough to put a face with those
    words. We all have to keep up the FIGHT.

  4. Howdy!
    I heard you on the Spare Change show. I sent an email to get my sticker. I have been at war with stupidity for decades. I do wonder though, why tweet or read them at all? I recall the marvelous Manifesto in Robin Hitchcock’s “Globe of Frogs” album where he says complex issues can’t be adequately addressed in a single newspaper column, much less a 4 minute song. 140 characters can handle Haiku, and not much more. However within reason I don’t mind some abbreviations, (i.e. [yeah that one too], LOL, b/c, etc.) I don’t not condone “r” for “are”. My point is that we no longer speak in the elaborate manner that was much accustomed in days of yore. Language evolves over time. When too much changes too quickly, communication is degraded. BTW if you have not read “Brave New World Revisited” you must. It is much scarier than it’s predecessor or the works of Mr. Owell, and it is non-fiction!
    -Take Care. . .

    • The best use I’ve found for twitter is sharing links. I always tweet when I have a new blog post, and the majority of the accounts that I follow are news sites and organizations (rather than the “here’s what I had for lunch” crowd).

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