Our dryer started really sucking as an appliance. Sucking energy because it took more than one cycle to dry a load of clothes. Sucking my time because it was taking longer and longer to do the laundry after work. The laundry was backing up such that I was almost to the point of having to wear a skirt. Ye gads. The dryer was plenty hot and the drum was rotating, so it made no sense that the clothes weren’t drying. Ahhh, but have you checked the lint hose? a coworker asked. Because, yes, we were talking about my dryer situation over lunch. We can’t always be discussing lofty ideas, and I refudiate anyone who claims that they do. No, I had not checked the lint hose.

Did a google and came up with the Lint Eater as the solution to our lint issue. Should have let my fingers do the walking online to see if Home Depot carried the item, but it’s just one exit down the freeway so why bother, right? Of course they didn’t carry it. I thought out loud that maybe the Lowe’s down the feeder carried it (because you can’t build a Home Depot unless a Lowe’s is within 2 miles – company policy), but the guy who was helping me not locate the Lint Eater claimed, coincidentally, that he’d just been there looking for a similar item the previous day but they didn’t carry it.

I was about to head back home, defeated and linty, when I thought I’d quickly check the Lowe’s website on my phone. Searched for Lint Eater. Check. Searched my zip code to see if the Lowe’s nearby carried the Lint Eater. Check. So off I went. I will not regale you with the profanity and grunting that ensued once I got home and James and I had to remove the dryer from the very cramped utility room so we could get to the lint hose, or the surprisingly large volume of damp lint that was in said hose (we kept expecting a nest of rats to fall out), or the part where James climbed on our roof to clean the top of the lint trap while it was thundering. The dryer works like a champ now and our lint hose is squeaky clean. And I’m wearing jeans.

All this to say, I love having the internet in my hand when I need it.

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