cabin in the woods

When I talk about my little writing cabin in the woods, I picture a place sort of like this (except smaller):

cabin in the woods

It has lots of windows, is surrounded by trees and is a beacon in the night. In the case of the cabin above, though, it is also in my living room and is the bottom of a lamp.

cabin in the woods in my living room

My parents gave me this awesome lamp a few months ago. I put it in our living room, which features a large stone fireplace and old school knotty pine paneling. The living room itself is like a fake cabin in the woods in my house, and the lamp is like a little cabin in the woods in my fake cabin in the woods in my house. Trippy. The only catch is, if the bottom of the lamp is the only thing on at night in our dark living room, it takes on an eerie feel and I half-expect a little person to come out the front door in a plaid shirt carrying an axe over his should in search of firewood. Or someone’s head to chop off. Though with an axe that tiny, it would take a lot of chopping. And I’m not even sure how he’d get down from the chest that the lamp sits on, scurry over to me, James or one of the dogs, then manage to climb up to head chopping level and start swinging. Ahhh, now when I hear something in the middle of the night that sounds like tiny, scurrying feet, I’ll be able to roll over and go back to sleep. Lucky me.

Tohner recently alerted me to the fact that Lloyd Kahn has a blog. He’s the guy who did the book Shelter back in the ’70s and since then has published two beautiful books (here and here) that feature homes built by the people who live within them. Many of the dwellings are small or extra-small, and they are the closest thing I have to pornography. (Kahn also wrote The Septic System Owner’s Manual, which I have not read yet and hope never to have a need to read.)

For further small dwelling porn, check out Tiny House Blog, Little House on a Small Planet, Yurts: Living in the Round and, for balance, Unhappy Hipsters.

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