you say potato, I say don’t point that crazy at me

the view from the sanitarium
  • I realized/remembered/was reminded yesterday that I can deal with crazy and I can deal with aggressive, but I really have a hard time dealing with crazy AND aggressive from the same person at the same time. It gets my back up. And makes me aggressive. But not crazy.
  • Happy to hear that Joe’s is back in business. I loved their cheesesteak and look forward to being reunited with it.
  • If The Wizard of Oz were made today, instead of sweet little Judy Garland in the lead it would be someone like Miley Cyrus, and she’d be wearing short shorts and cowboy boots while nipping out a tube top (but would, of course, have a “heart of gold”). The Scarecrow would be JayZ, the Tinman would be Lady Gaga and the Cowardly Lion would be The Rock. I would not see this movie.
  • For two days of my recent vacation, I made beaded jewelry. As I was working on, like, my 10th or 11th bracelet, it occurred to me that it was like I was in a sanitarium where they give you crafts to occupy your time while your brain heals. I guess that’s sort of what vacations are for, right? I blame this thought on you, D.D.
  • When logging in to an account on my phone, I accidentally typed “cryhack” instead of “cryjack.” Sometimes I wonder if my brain is fucking with me.

5 responses to “you say potato, I say don’t point that crazy at me”

  1. Your casting is spot-on. Now need a slumming TV celeb to play the Wizard, and a someone who can’t even get arrested anymore for Auntie Em. Stephen Colbert and Laraine Newman?

  2. Holy shit, Matt, Laraine Newman is still around! Good for her.

    Zach, unlike today’s blog post wherein I bash someone’s stupid facebook status updates, yours are often works of art. Thanks for quoting me in your blog! (That usually only happens when someone is talking about that obnoxious girl who was talking so much shit and drinking all the wine the previous night.)

  3. I’m always afraid, when I see posts about people complaining about other peoples’ Facebook etiquette, that I’m the subject of the complaint.

    My blogs may be works of art, but you’ve produced actual works of art. 🙂 Let’s just agree that we’re both really cool.

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