belaboring the point

featuring black flowy blob
taken 90 seconds later, free of black flowy blob

I feel like this issue got lost in the shuffle of my blog (and I’m not willing to let it go), so let’s revisit this topic. Above, you will see two pictures taken at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York in 2006. The image on top features some sort of large, black misty blob while the photo on the bottom (taken 90 seconds later, according to the info imbedded in the photo) is free of the black blob. Don’t know about you, but I see a face on the right half of the blob. (click on the photo and then click again on top of the blob to see what I’m talking about)

Though the lighting was subdued in the church, it wasn’t so dark that my camera would have made a person walking by into a blob – if the “shutter” on my digital camera were open that long, other aspects of the shot would be blurry because I was holding the camera in my hand. Also, the thing appears to be about three pews in front of where I’m sitting, so it’s a little big to be a person.

So the question remains – what the hell is that?

(By the way, this is just now an issue because I didn’t notice the black thing when I initially loaded the pictures – it wasn’t until last week that I found an old thumb drive and reloaded them on my laptop that I saw this…thing.)

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11 responses to “belaboring the point”

  1. omg what the HELL is that??? I have been into paranormal stuff since I was a kid and this is simular to the things i would see out the corner of my eye. Every time i focused of it it wouldn’t be there but when i looked out of my perifrial i would see something. I dont know.

  2. and yea it does look like a demon. I had been studying the warrens and they would probably say that is a high level demon

  3. So, um, that begs the question of where the demon-thing ended up 90 seconds later because it’s certainly not in the second shot.

    I can be pretty bitchy, but I don’t think I’m possessed.

    (Andrea – nice call. That would be a welcome person to have show up in my photos.)

  4. In Supernatural, there are types of paranormal beings that can only be seen through the lens of a camera. Also, the demons that are unembodied are flowing clouds of black smoke that come and go quite quickly. Yes, I realize this is an original show written for the CW. So, you know. Grain of salt. But still.

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