conversation I just had

James and I both like the mint gimlet at Beaver’s. The thing costs $9 or $10 a glass, though, so we thought we’d cut out the middle man and drink some at home. I used to be a pretty good mixologist, back before anyone cared about that kind of shit, so I figured I could recreate the drink. It took me three rounds to get it right, but I finally pretty much nailed it. Then came this exchange (after the THIRD round, mind you).

Wait. Gin makes me mean, right?

No. Tequila makes you mean. Gin makes me mean.

Oh yeah. Right.

We’ll see how the night progresses. If you’re wondering why I’m drinking gin on a school night, there’s a simple explanation. I’M ON VACATION! I’m off through July 12. I refuse to use a stupid term like “staycation,” so I will just say that I’m not going to work until the 12th, and I have no particular destination during that time. Except my little brother’s wife is due to have her baby any day now. So I’ll be traveling for that. Otherwise? Who knows. Everything. Nothing. I’ll either be blogging a lot or not at all. If something interesting happens after more gin, I’ll let you know.

5 responses to “conversation I just had”

  1. I was about to write a similar blog entry but it just isn't the same with "Dr Pepper makes me mean"Happy time off until the 12th

  2. You have no idea how happy I'd be if you started keeping a blog. Can you imagine? You'd have to change all the names, but otherwise it would be brilliant.Maybe you could intersperse family recipes. You know, write an entry about some bullshit that happened one day and then share a cobbler recipe the next?Do it.

  3. I haven't found a liquor that makes me mean. I have found a couple that make me naked, though.

  4. You were an excellent mixologist back in the day! Like breathing, it's a skill you never lose.

  5. Sas – I'm pretty sure I was hanging out with you one time when you had whatever that liquor is.Stig – Even in the midst of financial depressions, bars usually do pretty decent business. So it's a skill I'm glad to still have. Because you never know…

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