When I went to bed last night, I was sure that when I woke up this morning Hurricane Alex would be bearing down on Houston. Usually when the weather guys tell us to “hunker down” because a storm is coming straight at us, it ends up going somewhere else. Figured the reverse would be true in this case. And, hey, it hasn’t made landfall yet, so anything could happen.

A huge bolt of lightning struck a light pole in our neighborhood last night and caused something I’ve never seen before. It was like this: the crack of thunder, our lights went out, our lights immediately came back on – but only at about 25% power. It was eerie to see partially burning lights throughout the house. I thought, perhaps, that an alien invasion was starting, which wasn’t really that surprising though it was a bit alarming. Then I called my dad and he clarified the situation for me. We were experiencing a brownout, which is something I’ve always associated with New York in the ’80s.

I told James I was going to call “HL&P,” which shows that old habits die hard since the company has been called Reliant for years. Eh, I still call Lakewood Church the Summit. I may be sliding backwards as far as buying new stuff goes, but there is one area where I am definitely NOT sliding backwards and that is my iPhone/laptop/internet connectivity area. I love the internet, and even when living in a cabin in the woods, that place will be wired for wireless. Last night I appreciated my iPhone. I got on Reliant’s website, found the number to call, pressed the number on the screen and my phone asked if I wanted to call it. Yes, yes I did. Went through the automated system to report the outage. Called back an hour or so later and a recording told me what the problem was and when it would be fixed. Sure enough, it was fixed an hour before the estimate. Then I received an automated call from Reliant to make sure our power was back on. Not bad.

[In case you missed my post the other night, here’s my guide to getting through a major storm event. Pass it on.]


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  1. 1) I went to a CenterPoint chili cook-off once and got to watch some hilarious company skits. Well, most were hilarious only to insiders, but one featured a group of bumbling execs trying to figure out the name of the company for which they actually worked. They had swag from HL&P, Reliant, CenterPoint, and about 5 other names that they have gone through in recent years.2) It will always be the Summit, holy mandate or not.3) I am making a list of things to pick fights over as soon as the power goes out. A certain someone provides no end of fodder – so thoughtful of him.I am also stockpiling Velveeta.4) They will pry my iPhone from my cold, dead hands.

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