beauty tip that will make you look 10 years younger

I happened upon something wonderful this morning – a way to look ten years younger without spending any money. And it takes literally a few seconds. The secret? Light bulbs.

“How can this be?” you probably aren’t asking yourself. Here goes.

Above the long vanity in my bathroom is a light fixture with seven large, round light bulbs. They are the kind of bulbs you’d find around the mirror of a dressing room table. I kind of liked that aspect when we first moved in (though the fixture is horribly stuck in the 80s) – it was very theatre-esque. We moved into our house in late fall, so I didn’t really notice the heat that comes off all those bulbs. Until now.

In an effort to keep the light bill to a level that doesn’t make us cry in pain, we’ve been keeping the house a little…warmer than is my preference. So I spend most of my time at home just this side of perspiration. You don’t care about this, so I will move on. I realized that I get so hot in the bathroom not because of the lack of AC but because of the many lights. So last night I (FINALLY) got the idea to unscrew all but two of the bulbs, which provides enough light for me to not slip in the tub but removes the chance of my getting a sun burn while sitting on the…edge of the tub.

The unexpected bonus? When I got ready for work this morning, I realized in the much softer light that I looked ten years younger. Must be because I’m no longer stressed about how fricking hot the bathroom is.

2 responses to “beauty tip that will make you look 10 years younger”

  1. I only unscrew every other bulb in the summer time, but I may try taking it down to two now. Every fall I screw them all back in, in an effort to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder. (There are 14 bulbs in all.) Whenever I throw the switch, I mentally hear the line from the rock opera "Tommy": "The Sun! The Sun!"Even with all the bulbs in, that mirror always flatters me. I wish I could take a picture of myself the way I look in that mirror – it would be my avatar on all my social media accounts. Unfortunately, cameras and other mirrors don't see me the same way – I hardly recognize myself outside of my own bathroom.

  2. To be honest, I did every other bulb first. But it still felt too hot. One bulb on each end works just fine. My fear is that I've unscrewed the other bulbs to the point that the vibration from shutting the bathroom door will cause one or two to fall off onto the vanity, so that adds an extra element of excitement to my trips to the bathroom.Sounds like you have a magic bathroom mirror. You should invite people who need a confidence boost over to view themselves in the mirror and feel better. Or maybe it only works on you?

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