good day

I work from home once every couple of weeks. It’s nice to not have to fight traffic and instead leisurely walk into my home office not wearing any makeup or a bra. Sometimes not even pants. Grant writing is all about typing on a computer, so technically I could do it most anywhere that has electricty and an internet connection. Pants or no pants.

Today was a good day to stay home for a couple of reasons. One, look at what came in the mail:

There my little script is, hanging out with Albee and Ruhl and Durang. They don’t talk to my script, but that’s okay. My script has good self-esteem. But it’s not an asshole or anything.

Then, running an errand at lunch, I was able to snap a shot of one of the birds that hang out in our yard each dusk and dawn. This one was standing in the street as I pulled out of the driveway and only grudginly got out of the way of my car.

James and I just refer to the birds as “cuh-CAWZ” because that’s the sound they make while hanging out in our trees. Very noisy. I’m not up on my ornithology. Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

Finally, a big summertime thunderstorm is about to roll through. When I’m in my office at work, I’m far away from windows that look outside (my office window looks out…into the rest of the office). So I’m happy to be able to hear the thunder and smell the rain.

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  1. Yes- definitely a heron (glad to know the specific type of heron now!). We have them, too. The other day we saw three babies walking around together calling for their mom. Caught it on video and Sasha loves to watch it. Aren't they beautiful?

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