buy my book

Last week, Please Remove This Stuffed Animal From My Head was published. Check out Original Works Publishing for info. It’s a slim volume (the play is only 15 minutes), but I’m still calling it a “book.” So, MY FIRST BOOK HAS BEEN PUBLISHED! Ahhh, that feels good. If you don’t want to buy a copy, you can read the first half online. But then you’ll never know how it ends…it will keep you up at night…

It’s a pretty well known secret that only, like, five playwrights make a living just writing plays. Even wildly successful playwrights usually teach or work other odd jobs. [Not that teaching is an “odd” job. Though teaching creative writing might be.] Anyway, it’s pretty big news that Arena Stage in Washington, DC is hiring in-house playwrights for three-year residencies. Unheard of. They’ll even get health insurance like regular working folk. It’s awesome to see playwrights getting salaries and benefits just like all those arts administrators do.


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