it keeps you running

Man, I wanted to Forrest Gump it this morning. As I was approaching my exit, the music was jamming, the sun was shining (but not too much – mine eyes are sensitive to too-bright sunlight), the AC was cranking, I was already heading down 45S. Wanted to keep trucking to the coast and breathe in some saltwater-tinged air. Maybe grab a po’boy. Ahh, but there are bills to pay and metaphorical miles to go. So I’m at work instead of getting a sunburn, writing to you over my sandwich while taking a break from my Excel spreadsheet. Living the dream, people.

I’m still not sleeping. I think allergies are part of the reason. It feels as if my right eyeball is slowly being pushed out of my skull. Not an aggressive shoving, just a slow, creating the Grand Canyon sort of pressure. Occasionally a lone tear winds its way down my right cheek. Very melodramatic. I don’t know if it’s the pressure on my brain or what (do sinus issues push on one’s brain?) but when I dream lately, that shit be crazy.

It’s been a who’s who of my past popping up in my head each night. And it’s not like we’re all sitting around the fire sipping brandy and getting caught up The Big Chill style. More like, some random person I used to know but was never that close to is with me on a boat and we’re painting a bedroom while Isaac Hayes sings quietly in the corner and plays jacks. Then Doug Henning rides in on a giraffe and we all sit down to eat gummy worm pizza. Only weirder than that.

This is what I get for not drinking during the week.


3 responses to “it keeps you running”

  1. Naturally I have to assume that I am that random person you used to know but was never that close to, so I must say "I'm honored".I have tons of advice on sinus problems, but I'm sure you've heard it all before, so I won't repeat it all here.Also I assume you've made sure that's not a tumor pushing out your eyeball and causing weird dreams and causing you to suspect your neighbor is a blooody tuba murderer.

  2. Dude, you wish. Actually, considering the things that go on in my dreams, you probably don't.I quit worrying about brain tumors a long time ago. If I have to think I have a brain tumor every time I have a headache or my eyes leak or I experience extended blackouts, after which I come to with a new tattoo and blood under my fingernails, I'd be worried all the time.And the bloody/shiny tuba speaks for itself.

  3. as a chronic sinus sufferer, i have these small bits of advice 1. dry climate is much better 2. they have prescription allergy eyedrops that are perfect for what it sounds like you are dealing with. i have no clue what they are called though.

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