squirrels be trippin

After a good rain a couple of nights ago, the next morning I discovered a new crop of vegetation in my garden – mushrooms. I was in a rush and didn’t have time to go out and pick them (to throw away, not to eat), so imagine my surprise when I got home that evening and all of the mushrooms were gone. I checked with James to make sure he didn’t pick them for some reason (he pretty much leaves the gardening to me, though he does water when I’ve gotten distracted and things are getting wilty). He didn’t touch the ‘shrooms, so that left one other possibility – the squirrels.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a regular squirrel and bird jamboree in our backyard every single day. And the squirrels are already pretty crazy acting, leaping from tree branch to tree branch in gravity-defying acts of acrobatics. So when they start tripping on mushrooms, I expect the show to get even more interesting. I don’t think they’ve eaten them yet – pretty sure you have to soak them in honey or something first.


3 responses to “squirrels be trippin”

  1. nah, you just need to dry them out for a few days. and definitely be sure they are the right colors.

  2. What are the right colors? Asking purely out of curiosity… I noticed some huge mushrooms today in the front yard – they looked white though I didn't get that close. The ones in the garden looked like more of a pale gray color (and more have popped up – they're doing better than the stuff I planted).

  3. check erowid.org for correct color schemes. i wouldn't know. i have personally relied on the "terrorist" drug network to fetch my tasty hallucinogens.

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