another fringe fest behind us

Houston Fringe Festival 2010 has come to a close. We had standing room only each of our three nights, and that was with an outdoor show in late May in Houston. Not bad at all. As a company, we’re used to “friendly” crowds (as in, crowds full of people we know/who know us), which means we’re used to having them with us from the beginning. With this year’s festival, there were a lot of new faces in the audience. And we rocked them all. Well, maybe not all of them, but I think both new plays were well-received.

I am more invigorated now about theatre/playwriting than I have been in a long while. Maybe ever. The more I work with this company of actors (and we added a couple of people to the last show who were FANTASTIC), the more I want to write things for them to perform. And the great thing is, though I may write for my particular actors, the plays still work in other places, with other actors. So it’s a double-bonus.

The learning experience for me with the new play (Flagellating the Boss) was being comfortable with the discomfort many people felt by the end of the piece. Though this play has the same absurdity/comedy level of most of my other work, I think it hit much closer to home than anything I’ve ever written. And, not to give anything away, but it doesn’t end well. I had more than one person tell me they were very bothered by the piece. Which is awesome. One of the reasons I write this stuff is to communicate with the audience via the actors. So the fact that people were emailing me a day or two after the play to tell me they were still thinking about it (and still bothered by it) is remarkable. My 22-minute play, unlike a sit-com of the same length, is still with some of the people who saw it. That’s the point, you know?

Dennis and I are in search of a cheap (free!) space to put on a show in the near future. We’d like to do Militia Slumber Party, Flagellating the Boss and maybe an excerpt from the full length I’ve been tinkering with. Indoors, in air conditioning, where people can hear everything and not be distracted by the environment would be optimal. Any suggestions on cheap (free!) spaces are greatly welcome. We have no budget, but maybe we can share proceeds from the door or work out some other deal. Our productions are low-tech, so we don’t need much in that arena. Any ideas?


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  1. Do you still or ever interact with Wayne Wilden? Doesn't he still have some kind of downtown warehouse theatre space that he's been meaning to use for a production for like forever?

  2. I don't know Wayne, Al. But I do know of him, and I know that he did have a space down there (over by Last Concert Cafe). Atomic Cafe, I think. They did a lot of shows in that space but were eventually shut down by the fire marshall years ago. Not sure if he still is in that property – things have gotten a little high dollar over there with the addition of some very nice lofts.But thanks for the idea. Keep 'em coming.

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