don’t think I won’t cut you

To call the parking lot at AvantGarden a clusterfuck is being too kind. It supposedly accommodates two rows of cars with enough space between to back out, but even in my compact car I find it hard to leave. It takes about ten back-and-forths to finally free yourself.

After our show last night, Dennis found that he was blocked in by two vehicles. First was a very large pick up that was parked perpendicular to all of the other cars and was blocking in four cars. Then, next to Dennis’ vehicle was a car that parked in a no-parking area (there’s a tree in the spot that makes it such that only a smart car or scooter could fit). So its ass was sticking out into the free zone, further blocking him (and other cars) in.

The staff at AvantGarden tried to find the owners of the cars, but no one claimed them. So the only thing left to do was to have the bitches towed. As we waited for the tow truck to come, a man approached the pick up with some drums. We asked if it was his vehicle. He said it was his friend’s. We let him know that they needed to move it because a tow truck was on the way, and the guy immediately let us know “there would be a big problem” with the owner of the truck if a tow truck came. He was being very “hard” about the whole thing. Dennis and I had passed our point of tolerance, and we let him know that we “already had a big problem” with their shitty parking job. I guess two middle aged theatre people aren’t too scary because this guy kept talking shit. Then his big bad mofo friend came to the truck and talked more shit.

Seriously? You’ve blocked in four people, and you think it is asking too much to move your vehicle so the people who’ve been waiting for over 30 minutes can leave? Is there no civility left? (Because there’s certainly plenty of melodrama still around…) AvantGarden is a very interesting space to hang out in – in addition to the fringe festival the past few days, there have been fashion shows, DJs, bands and I guess a drum circle of assholes. Makes for an ecclectic scene both inside and in the parking lot.

Anywho, we had another full house last night. And it was actually a bit cooler since it was cloudy all day. So other than the parking lot sitch, ’twas a lovely evening of theatre. We have one more show tonight at 9PM. Please join us. Just do yourself a favor: park in the neighborhood and walk a block or two.

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