and here we are

[Kyle Sturdivant, Andrew Love, Robert McMillan and Rebecca Randall rehearsing Flagellating the Boss]

The PBS conference in Austin was a lot of fun. About half of our time was spent previewing upcoming programming. The rest of our time was divided between attending break-out sessions and drinking wine. After being stuck together for four days, the staff’s true colors started to show through. You can only maintain your work face for so many hours a day. I’m lucky that I wear the same face both at work and at home. That also explains my lack of ascent up the corporate ladder, but that’s a conversation for another day.

We had our final rehearsal for the Houston Fringe Festival last night, and things looked great. One actor was a little worried about rehearsal going so well. He said that a shitty final rehearsal usually means a great opening and vice-versa. I told him I wasn’t superstitious (as I cautiously walked around a ladder and jumped over a crack in the sidewalk) and that I wasn’t worried. I can’t wait to see these two plays in front of an audience. I do hope you’ll be able to join us this weekend.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday (May 21-23)
AvantGarden (411 Westheimer)
$7 (cash)


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