save the drama fo yo mama

We lost an actor yesterday due to a family emergency. The actor we brought in last night to take her place kicked ass and was halfway off-book by the end of rehearsal. Whew! I’ll repeat the same thing here that I said when I worked at the Alley: The drama isn’t only on the stage. I’m sorry we lost the actor (I wrote the part specifically for her), but we’re going to be just fine. I hope that her situation has a similar happy ending. We’re all certainly sending lots of good vibes and love her family’s direction.

Check this shit out. It’s either really awesome or a horrible idea. If you don’t have an interest in clicking the link, here’s the deal – “Theatre for One,” a small, portable performance space (which will be in Times Square for a few days this month) that literally has room for one audience member and one performer. The performer does theatre, magic, poetry, etc. Looks sort of like a peep show, especially with all of the red velvet inside.

Part of the magic of theatre as an art form is its intimacy, the shared breath/space of being in the room with the artist versus seeing a painting on a wall or a film months after it was finished. So this set up certainly takes that to a whole new level.

It’s not clear to me whether or not the actor can see the audience member – the website mentions confessionals and peep shows as inspiration for the space, so I would assume from that that the performer probably knows when someone is in there but can’t see them. Which would be my preference. There’s too much pressure to perform as an audience member if the performer is looking right at you. It’s like the awkwardness of a guy sitting next to you on the couch, singing you a song while he plays guitar. What are you supposed to do with that? I mean, he’s obviously trying to get you to sleep with him, and I would frankly find it less awkward if he just whipped it out and said, “Why not?” and shrugged than having to sit there smiling in a slightly vacant, distracted way as he works his way through a James Taylor song.

Sorry. Anyway, I hope at least one of my New York friends checks this shit out. Please report back. There are things I need to know about this whole experience.

4 responses to “save the drama fo yo mama”

  1. PPPHHHHTTT! Like anyone's getting into YOUR knickers with a frickin' James Taylor song! Now, Nick Drake, that's a completely different story. (All above statements are of course posited in a hypothetical situation in which you are actually available for said seduction)

  2. I think James used a combination of wine and dogs…There was one time when a guy did that to me (cornered me on his couch and played some jackass song on the gee-tar), and as soon as he was done with the song I found a bullshit reason to leave. It might have been my usual "explosive diarrhea" excuse, but I'm not sure. Even Nick Drake wouldn't have saved that awkwardness.

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