the play’s the thing, and it lives on

For anyone who didn’t see my exuberant facebook status update a few minutes ago, I’m going to be a published playwright! As soon as the contract is signed, I’ll let you know by whom. It’s a publishing house that focuses on the more…edgy and off-beat plays being written today. I thought they’d be a good fit for Please Remove This Stuffed Animal From My Head, so I submitted it to them a couple of months ago. Just got word today that they felt it was a good fit too.

Beyond the fact that it’s cool, as a writer, to be published, this means something even more important – the play will live on. I’ve written before about my unhappiness that my older plays are just gathering electronic dust in my computer. I haven’t felt inclined to do much submitting to festivals, and the plays don’t produce themselves. The great thing about being with a publisher that strictly publishes plays – and even more specifically, they only publish plays that have had a number of productions and are therefore “tested” – is that potential theatre companies and directors will run across the script now and maybe even produce it. Those same people don’t randomly drop by my house to look through my computer hard drive, so you see how this is beneficial.

It’s another step on the pathway. I’m glad to have found this out just a couple of weeks before putting up a show in the Houston Fringe Festival. Makes me feel like a playwright.

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