large (chicken) breasts, dumbasses

I bought a package of chicken breasts for dinner last night. They were supposedly of the no hormone/organic variety. Looking through the plastic, I thought the 1.5 pound package had four breasts – two for dinner and two for lunches today. But inside, there were three. Two regular sized breasts and one DDD. I don’t know what was up with that particular chicken, but I hope she was popular with the boys. Still, it was kind of creepy. No one really wants to eat a mutant breast for dinner. At least, I don’t.

I’ve written before about my frustration with internet bullies, specifically of the anonymous flavor. They feel free to spew vitriol and misinformation that they don’t have the conviction or balls to express around 3-dimensional people. People who could, for instance, kick them in the nuts when they start going off on some bullshit tangent. There’s an article on Houston Press today about the immigration rally over the weekend. Of course the story is bringing the cranks out of the woodwork – most of whom I’m sure never read the HP.

Anyway, here was my slight contribution to the bullshit in the comments section. For context, I wasn’t addressing my comments at any one particular person, but USA1 wrote about a third of the 50+ comments on this story, so I’m not surprised he felt the need to respond. Twice.

I may not be remembering my history correctly (lord knows we like to change it around here in Texas), but didn’t our ancestors who arrived in Ellis Island basically just have to survive the trip by boat? And then give a name and some simple paperwork when they got off the boat?

Here’s something from regarding the process at Ellis Island back in the day:

“Once the immigrant arrived in Ellis Island, he would be questioned about his identity and his paperwork would be examined. Inspectors were usually foreign-born immigrants themselves and spoke several languages so communication problems were nearly non-existent. Ellis Island would even call in temporary interpreters when necessary, to help translate for immigrants speaking the most obscure languages.”

Crystal- Common sense would tell you that alot of the immigrants that came through Ellis Island didn’t already know English.

How many of those immigrants took the time and effort to learn English after they got here? THAT is what we’re discussing here. Do you think our Gov’t printed everything in their native language like they do now in Spanish? Hardly.


USA1 – I never claimed to have common sense. But thank you for taking the time to tell me what “we’re” discussing here. Judging by the number of times you’ve felt compelled to comment on this story, I wouldn’t really call this a “discussion” so much as one of those parties where there’s that one obnoxious drunk guy who keeps telling people the same boring story over and over again and people feign having explosive diarrhea just to get away. But I digress.

If I did have common sense, I would suggest that the number of different languages spoken at Ellis Island would have made printing up forms for each language cost-prohibitive. That, and the whole thing about “printers” having not been invented.

Crystal- You do realize the majority of my postings here are answers to questions, right?
Your ridiculous posting about Ellis Island is
not a epiphany, I already know this. Everyone already knows this. Like I said, it’s common sense. Thanks for your 4 cents tho!

HAHA! He got mad because I told him that if I were to interact with him in public I’d fake having explosive diarrhea rather than talk to him. What a jackass.

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