gah, another post about my damn show

One of the great things about my horrible procrastination (for my theatre writing, not anything else) is that we had the cast in place before I actually wrote the play. I had the concept already (so I had a vague sense of whom I’d need, actor-wise), but nothing was on the page. So I had these specific actors in my head as I wrote, and they influenced the characters I created. And, man, they are kicking ass already. I gave them the final script last night, and by the second read-through they were nailing their characters and finding some really great moments. When working with actors this good, you barely have to do anything as the director. I think I might do a bit of pointing (yes, that’s the secret to my directing style – pointing) and provide them with some props. Otherwise, they’re doing it naturally. It’s so much fun to watch. Ahhhh. Makes me happy.

A funny side note about the process: I wrote a character who speaks English as a second language (Spanish being the primary). This was my first foray into that sort of writing, and I was a little nervous about it. Was my attempt at writing dialogue for a person who doesn’t speak English well going to be offensive? The actor playing that role read the script for the first time last night and seemed okay with it. We’ll see if she comes to the next rehearsal.

We’re going to work on Abby’s piece tonight, so I’ll have more to report later. I do hope you can come to the festival. Last year, AvantGarden (where our performances will be) had some tasty sangria. And, of course, they have a full bar. Not that I’m trying to ply you with promises of alkyhall, but whatever works. I’ll be there each of our three performances – hope to see you there. If you come, I’ll give you a Fight stupidization. sticker as a token of my appreciation.


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