writing, errata

On 60 Minutes, Leslie Stahl just said “nucular” instead of nuclear. Yikes.

I’ve spent a decent amount of this weekend working on my script (which you should know since I haven’t been blogging). This is always the fun part of writing a play – or, I should say, the most fun part. Once the foundation of the story is in place, tweaking the details, sharpening the language, adding the humor – that’s where the joy comes in. I’m going to hand this over to the actors tomorrow night, so I’ll move into director/producer mode. Speaking of, does anyone have a “Jesus” costume for Abby’s play? We need the whole thing – wig, beard, robes. Let me know.

I mentioned Theresa Rebeck’s book Free Fire Zone last week. If you are at all interested in the inner, evil workings of writing for theatre, TV and film, you should give it a read. She pretty much lays it all out and only vaguely hides whom she’s talking about. It’s a very interesting read, though I’ve been surprised to notice a number of typos and a couple of grammatical errors. I try not to be a douche about stuff like that, but come on. A company that is publishing a book ABOUT WRITING should make a little effort. Regardless, it’s a great read and enlightening too.

Back to flagellating the boss. (not a euphemism – it’s the title of my play)


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