(keep feeling) procrastination

Two posts in one day? I must be staring a deadline in its cold, dark eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. (One of my favorite movie scenes ever = Robert Shaw’s monologue in Jaws. Watch it and then that statement will make sense. I have a serious crush on his character Quint. Side note about Robert Shaw – he suffered from really shitty sea sickness while they made that movie. So his performance is that much better.)

Some pictures.
How does your garden grow? Mine grows like a mofo. You’ll note the previously mentioned onions (on the left/in the middle). Still doing well. What’s kicking ass right now = potato plants (in the back). The garlic (on the right) is struggling. And the strawberry plant (front), well, I keep pinching off the buds because I read that’s what you do the first season. Don’t let the thing grow any berries. Then next year, that’s when we’ll have sweet berries to eat. In theory. Hope it works. I’m really digging having my little garden. Though I have a lot to learn and a lot of rows to hoe, so to speak, I like the potential that exists when you figure out how to grow food. It’s empowering. Even though I don’t have enough to make one side salad yet.

When I got home from work, there was a hammock stand in the backyard. We’ve had Mason’s hammock for a while but no place to put it. James set it up today, and I’ve already taken it for a spin. So has Stella. She got mad when I placed her inside.

But then she got over it, as she always does. Because she’s badass little doggie with a good attitude.

Finally, I mentioned that someone left me a surprise at my birthday party. After the last guest left, I went into my bathroom to take out my contacts and put on my glasses. Relief. When I opened my bathroom cabinet, I found this little fella:

Cute, huh? He now lives on my bookcase. I’m pretty sure I know who brought me this present (AP). It was a great ending to my party. I like funny surprises like that.

Enough. Back to work and another bottle of wine.

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