guess what…

I wrote half a play this weekend. I’m making too much progress, so I thought I’d take a blog break. First rehearsal isn’t until a week from tomorrow, so I don’t want to finish too soon and lose this horrible feeling in my stomach. If I don’t have public humiliation and abject failure staring me in the face, it’s harder for me to finish. Yes, there’s something wrong with me.

Random thoughts:
– People who write about how much they love their significant other on facebook make me suspicious. Why would someone need to publicly talk about their private relationship? If you love your wife and think she’s sexy, go tell her. The rest of us don’t want to hear it. And it makes us think you’re cheating on her.
– I once worked for a woman who wore a wig. When she was flustered, she would aggressively scratch the wig, causing it to move around on her head. This, in turn, made everyone in the room nervous that it would fall off. It never did.
– Gerbera daisies are a bitch to grow. They literally need just the right trickle of water every day, given at just the right time, or they fall over like a Southern belle on a fainting couch.

Okay. The play is calling. Later.

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