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When I set this blog up five years ago, anyone could comment on my posts. Anonymous, spambot, real human person with a soul. Then the “investigative news story” about Houston Arts Alliance rolled around, which included yours truly and painted me as some sort of lefty pornographer, so I had to change the comments policy to approval only because I started getting a number of lurid come-ons and wingnutish insults. And you know that each and every nasty comment came from the same entity – anonymous.

I guess you could say I have a “thing” about people leaving anonymous comments. Some of you who comment here don’t put your given name, but you do choose something that still tells me who you are. That’s fine. And some comments come from people I’ve never met. That’s fantastic. But anonymous? Me no likey. Yesterday, I decided to change the comments policy back to open season. And last night this blog received an anonymous comment. That didn’t take long. And, as is the way with most anonymous comments, it was a little…argumentative. Nothing big. Just a slight poke in the side. I didn’t respond.

Do I have a distinct point of view politically? Yep. Does it come out in my writing? Sometimes. Am I looking for an anonymous commenter to show me the light? Nope. Do I invite people with different points of view to comment here? Sure. But put your name down, for one. And don’t expect me to have a change of heart or argue with you, for two. (Unless I’ve had a lot of coffee – then I might be up for a fight.) I’m not writing things here in hopes that I’ll change someone’s mind about an issue or get them to do what I would do in a given situation, nor should you expect the opposite. I’m reaching out to you, finding connections, trying to make you laugh, occasionally venting about things that drive me crazy and mostly leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that I can trace back to see where I’ve been. That’s all. No more, no less.

I appreciate each and every one of you who takes a few minutes to read this bullshit every couple of days, and I love getting comments. But if you’re going to take the time to write one, tell me your name. Maybe we can have a conversation.

Crystal Fucking Jackson

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